The Descending God

This blog focuses on the Ancient Mayans (Pre-Classic). I will present thoughts relating to their Founders and origins, their culture and traditions, and their belief in the Descending God. My position is that the Book of Mormon is a record of their ancient religion and contains the origin of the Descending God legend in their culture.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Descending God

The culture of the Mayans includes a tradition that anciently their God descended out of the sky and came down and taught them their religion. This was such a powerful event that it became the principle feature of their society. Their entire culture subsequently revolved around this event.

I propose that this event really occurred--that their God did come down to them. I believe this tradition is the remnant of a real event.

Imagine the impact on a society such an event would have. Suppose that you had been present in the ancient Mayan society and saw a glorified Being descend out of the sky! Suppose that there were several thousand other people with you. What would your conviction be like, if you really had such an experience? What kind of testimony could you offer to others that what you had seen and experienced had really happened?

Do you think that you could convince others who had not been present of what you had experienced? If there were enough people involved with you, (who witnessed the same event), I believe you could convince anyone. In fact, by the power of the testimony you had, along with the testimony of others, I believe everyone in your culture in a short space of time would be convinced of what you had experienced, and all would acknowledge it as undeniable and undoubtedly true--whether they personally had experienced it or not. The power of such an event, and the testimony that it would generate in those who experienced it, would be irresistible. It would echo down through time. Those who had seen The Descending God would be changed forever, and undoubtedly seek to bind that testimony to their posterity. Whether future generations kept His teachings or not, the tradition of the event would continue.

I believe this is what you see in the Mayan culture.

Evidence of this tradition is found in the archaeological remains of the ancient Mayan civilization.

I propose that The Descending God was a reality and His appearance to the ancient Maya people was the defining moment in their history and culture.


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